A long time between drinks for the construction of the tree house. Peter came around today for a great day, filled with framing, windows, ribs and the Princess Bride. We built the frames for the four walls. We built two on the ground as per below:

And whilst doing that, the kids had a bit of a play:

We got the two walls that we built on the ground up and erected and started on the other two:

The windows that were added consisted of a $10 opaque door panel I picked up from Tinys Green Shed for the window at the back. This is to hopefully prevent any neighbor issues as the kids cant see out, and the neighbors cant see in. I prolly should have axed them if they were down with a big arse tree house straight outta their kitchen window. Fingers crossed. The other windows are 600mm high, 900mm wide (in total, two sliding 600×450 panels) at the front. Quick consensus from the house is that wont be enough light:

After tools down the boys shot the shit:

And then Peter, Mas, Auders and I went off for dinner a movie. Hogs breath and the Princess Bride. One was good. Cool snap of Tiaca and Auders:

In the Princess Bride, the 1st time it talks about it being a kissing movie, Tiaca and Mas were both like, ewww a kissing movie, WTF is this shit? Auders got up and standing applauded when the Dread Pirate Roberts smacked onto Buttercup after falling down the hill. Most happy with that.

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