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The topic of this blog is going to change as the Stanza has gone. I realised that I didn’t have the time or money to do it. Also maybe this level of car modification was something I enjoyed doing with Dad as a kid as opposed to me doing it by myself. Either way the Stanza shell was picked up and scrapped, the SR20 and box went back to the guy I bought it off. Both diffs went to a Stanza owner in Sydney, the S13 front end got mailed to Shepparton, Victoria. A lot of parts went in the bin, and some are left under the house to ‘appreciate’.

The 720 met a nasty end:

IMG_20150730_154458 IMG_20150730_154502 IMG_20150730_155131 IMG_20150730_172940

Replaced with this:


Which is functional if not super boring. 5 speed manual, 2010 model with the 2.0 litre. Mivec makes it somewhat interesting and the stereo is good and the air con cold.

At some point we upgraded the Legnum to a 2009 VE Calais V Sportwagon. It has the 6 litre with the displacement on demand tech and a 6 speed autobox. After driving this around for a while a sickness took over. A sickness for a V8 commodore of my own. A Group A VN would be the most desirable but also rare/expensive. VS SS commodores really caught my eye so after at least a year of carsales ads and facebook groups one pops up in Albury for 5k. We went drove down to Melbourne for Dougs 40th and arranged to pick it up on the way home. Pretty honest car with good nick interior and better than average exterior for a 21 year old car. Had to replace the suspension, remove the window tints and get a muffler fitted to pass rego inspection. Muffler has since been replaced for the straight through one as it sounds real good. Pic of it when it just came home below. Will update the photos of how it is soon.


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