Finished Tree Hose

Long time between posts. Tree house was finished. Kids used in not much at all the 1st year, but have started using it more lately. Now that winter is coming it wont be I suspect. I still need to seal it with something and organise a slide or a pole for the end.


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A long time between drinks for the construction of the tree house. Peter came around today for a great day, filled with framing, windows, ribs and the Princess Bride. We built the frames for the four walls. We built two on the ground as per below:

And whilst doing that, the kids had a bit of a play:

We got the two walls that we built on the ground up and erected and started on the other two:

The windows that were added consisted of a $10 opaque door panel I picked up from Tinys Green Shed for the window at the back. This is to hopefully prevent any neighbor issues as the kids cant see out, and the neighbors cant see in. I prolly should have axed them if they were down with a big arse tree house straight outta their kitchen window. Fingers crossed. The other windows are 600mm high, 900mm wide (in total, two sliding 600×450 panels) at the front. Quick consensus from the house is that wont be enough light:

After tools down the boys shot the shit:

And then Peter, Mas, Auders and I went off for dinner a movie. Hogs breath and the Princess Bride. One was good. Cool snap of Tiaca and Auders:

In the Princess Bride, the 1st time it talks about it being a kissing movie, Tiaca and Mas were both like, ewww a kissing movie, WTF is this shit? Auders got up and standing applauded when the Dread Pirate Roberts smacked onto Buttercup after falling down the hill. Most happy with that.

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Platform and ladder finished

Peter stopped around again today and we cracked on. I chopped a branch down and then we started on the platform. We greased the brackets as they were making a shitload of noise in the wind. We got the trapdoor built, and the ladder.




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Platform Started

The big guns were called in today. My father in law Peter, as a builder, knows what hes doing. As shown previously I had a level issue. This was sorted by dropping the far side down 10mm at one end and 30mm at the other .

The metal sliders were fitted

And mounted into the brackets in the tree


Then platform was started


And load tested

I think a coulpe of branches will need to come out in order to build the frame for the house. I will be ordering some more wood for the frame and the roof this week.

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Wood Delivered and test fitted

So the wood got dropped off yesterday, thanks

I lifted the two 295x45x3600s into place:

And I’m out a little bit side to side. To be expected but given it’s wood, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the platform level.

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Treehouse support bolts attached

Got some time on the weekend to drill holes and mount the brackets.

Gear laid out ready for work:

One of four holes drilled:

This was done using a 26mm spade bit drilled to approx 50mm depth. The centre hole where the coach screw goes in was done with a 14mm bit and drilled to approx 200mm depth.

I welded two bits of 2400mm 50mm square tube together to use as a level. Nail in one tree at the height I wanted and then lifted and nailed the other side when the spirit level said it was good.

I did the other side better than this with the brackets actually square into the tree. I’m hoping I got the the brackets level between side to side but I’m not super confident. It’s wood so it shouldn’t be too hard to get level. They are definitely level end to end.

I placed an order from the hardware store to be delivered this week of:

Treated Pine T3 290×45 – 290 x 45 / 3.6 x 2
Treated Pine T3 90×45 – 90 x 45 / 3.6 x 3
Yellow Tongue Flooring – Yellow Tongue Flooring 3600x900x19mm x 2

Saturday I will hopefully have a platform built using the above materials.

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Start of the Treehouse

Tree house. I’d talked to the kids about building one at our last place. At the start of 2017 we moved into a big arse joint that we went halves in with some mates. We have a pair of kids @ 4 and 6 and theirs are 4 and 8. This time a tree house will be built. I’ve done a lot of research so far as to the best way to build a tree house. The trees that will be used are below:

IMG_20170625_164655 IMG_20170625_164707 IMG_20170625_164719 IMG_20170625_164725

From centre to centre they span about 4.4 metres. Not overly exact but for roughing up an idea that works. The internet reckons that attaching a tree house to tree should use as few as possible entry points into the tree. I don’t want to build one that is supported from the ground  so research led to Ganier Limbs –

These are specially designed bolts that you can attached a shit load of weight to support a tree house. The secret/beauty is in the 3″ boss to distribute the weight as this boss is housed in the tree, with a length of steel sticking out to hold beams. I live in Canberra. These come from the states. I like DIY and these cost upwards of $70 USD each (exchange rate ATM is .76),  so I started to build my own. M16 coach screws @ 200mm are how I will attach to the tree. Taking cues from the Ganier Limb, I will use a 100mm of 3mm walled pipe and have 50mm of that sit into the tree. 50mm will then be hanging out of the tree to mount 2 x 295mm x 45mm @ 4.8 metre lengths of treated pine to form the base of the platform.

I think this will be enough to support a decent side house. From I get that an 4.4 grade M16 bolts tensile strength is 16×16/100 = 2.5 tonnes with a shear of 1.25 tonnes. This is the measurement I’m most concerned about, the shear. In my internet research I came across a fair few examples of coach screws failing under load. They were screwed into the tree with the shank of the bolt used to support the load of the tree house. To get around this, the coach screw will be used to hold the pipe in the tree, and the weight of the tree house will be carried by the tube instead of the bolt.

The new house hasn’t got room to add a 15amp circuit for the welder yet so I popped around to Dads place to start fabrication. I was hoping to get the brackets completed but we ended up with the below:



I’ve since drilled the holes in the strap out to 16 mm and the coach screws shank fits perfectly. I’ll be back to Dads next weekend to weld them up:



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Car updates

The topic of this blog is going to change as the Stanza has gone. I realised that I didn’t have the time or money to do it. Also maybe this level of car modification was something I enjoyed doing with Dad as a kid as opposed to me doing it by myself. Either way the Stanza shell was picked up and scrapped, the SR20 and box went back to the guy I bought it off. Both diffs went to a Stanza owner in Sydney, the S13 front end got mailed to Shepparton, Victoria. A lot of parts went in the bin, and some are left under the house to ‘appreciate’.

The 720 met a nasty end:

IMG_20150730_154458 IMG_20150730_154502 IMG_20150730_155131 IMG_20150730_172940

Replaced with this:


Which is functional if not super boring. 5 speed manual, 2010 model with the 2.0 litre. Mivec makes it somewhat interesting and the stereo is good and the air con cold.

At some point we upgraded the Legnum to a 2009 VE Calais V Sportwagon. It has the 6 litre with the displacement on demand tech and a 6 speed autobox. After driving this around for a while a sickness took over. A sickness for a V8 commodore of my own. A Group A VN would be the most desirable but also rare/expensive. VS SS commodores really caught my eye so after at least a year of carsales ads and facebook groups one pops up in Albury for 5k. We went drove down to Melbourne for Dougs 40th and arranged to pick it up on the way home. Pretty honest car with good nick interior and better than average exterior for a 21 year old car. Had to replace the suspension, remove the window tints and get a muffler fitted to pass rego inspection. Muffler has since been replaced for the straight through one as it sounds real good. Pic of it when it just came home below. Will update the photos of how it is soon.


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Door Openings

Took to the car with the angle grinder and wire wheel. I also sanded back the drivers side. Spun it around so I can get to the passengers side. Will hit it again with the wire wheel and cleanup the front wheel well as we as the engine bay. Still a bit of paint stripper etc in there.






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New roommate

I bought this 1983 Datsun 720 dual cab back in April. I bought it off the second owner, who bought it off his parents. All original apart from a dick smith head unit, speakers and a custom tonneau cover. It has about 196k km on it, a few dings and scrapes but for a 31 year old car its pretty good. I swapped the 4 speed for a 5 speed and put in a new Aldi head unit (included Bluetooth and a remote for $70) and speakers. I had some new 195/50/15 tyres on the old TRX rims from the Stanza so swapped them onto some 15×7 +20 sunraysia style rims. Should have looked for a 0 offset or maybe low negative. 2 inch blocks have gone in the back and the torsion bars have been would out for the front. I have started to build a roof rack and a rear bar for it.

DSCN0466IMG_5398IMG_5396IMG_5400  IMG_5390IMG_5389 IMG_5385

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